Building Green & Reducing Environmental Impact

Are you planning to build in the near future? Maybe you’re planning no more than a quick remodel. If you’re planning either, you may want to consider plans that make the home more environmentally friendly to you and to the environment.

Did you know that vehicle manufacturing engineers conduct over 300 quality tests on the interior elements of a new car before it is shipped to the dealer? Would it then surprise you to know that most local codes require no more than 1 inspection before you move into your new or newly-remodeled home?

If you are interested in Building Green for your next home or home remodeling project, please read on. Performance Plus Homes is your environmentally-friendly resource for Green Building consulting in Kansas and Missouri – that helps home builders and home owners alike to effectively reduce their home’s environmental impact.

2012 IECC building code changes: Home builders, be prepared

What is Green Building?

Green building is a construction practice that includes specific measures to reduce energy use and increase the efficiency of the building envelope (the space between the interior and the exterior elements of a home or building). Typical green building practices make use of high-efficiency windows and insulation products in the building walls.

If you are building green or planning a green remodeling project with energy efficiency concerns in mind, it’s wise to have someone help you make sure that your new home (or remodel) construction is done correctly and as green as possible. Performance Plus Homes can help.

Questions for you on your New Home build or Remodel:

Question 1. If a home is built to a green certification (ENERGY STAR or NAHB) do you think the home is built better than the average home?

Question 2. If well-built “green” homes cost 1.5% to 3% more than a code-built home, is this an acceptable premium to pay for savings of 10% to 30% on the home operating costs – while also providing a safer, healthier, more comfortable home?

If you answer “YES” to either of those two questions, please contact Performance Plus Homes and we will set up an initial FREE 1-hour consultation to discuss your new home build or home remodel project. If you then decide to proceed with Performance Plus Homes, we will provide you a quote for services that include:

  • Project Plan Evaluation
  • Heating/Cooling/Ventilation Analysis
  • "Green” product selections
  • Key questions to ask your builder/re-modeler
  • Green Building Certification services
  • Potential Energy Efficient rebate opportunities

Press Release:

Performance Plus Homes provides Energy Certification Services for massive renovation of Topeka's Motive Power Place. Read more...

And for home owners who want to take that additional step, Performance Plus homes can provide Third-party ENERGY STAR Verification, and NAHB Green Building Verification. These certifications mean that your new home meets or exceeds the highest standards of energy efficiency and minimal environmental impact. Providing a safer, healthier home with cost savings that span over the life of the home.

For all your Green Building needs – or a home energy audit – contact Performance Plus Homes today at 913-851-0732 and start saving energy and money!


Participating Programs

Energize MissouriNational Green Build Standard verifierBuilding Performance Institute - Certified ProfessionalEnergy Star Partnet

Performance Plus Homes participates in government and local utility energy programs. We advise our clients about programs that may benefit them when making energy-efficiency upgrades to their homes. Additionally, we are trained and certified (EnergyStar, RESNET, BPI and NAHB) to inspect and certify your home for national standards on energy efficiency.   Read More. >>