Residential Home Energy Audits:

Most homeowners know the price of heating and cooling a home is the second largest expense next to the mortgage. As home energy costs rise and budgets become tight, knowing where your energy dollars are going is more important than ever. Did you know that you can reduce home energy use by up to 30% per month and dramatically improve the overall comfort level in your house?

What Can I Expect from a Home Energy Audit?

As the name suggests, a home energy audit is an evaluation of how a home performs from an energy efficiency standpoint.

The Performance Plus Homes “Whole Home Performance Audit” includes the following:

  • An audit of home air quality and environmental safety elements
  • Type, size, condition, and rate of energy consumption for each major energy-using device
  • Recommendations for home energy conservation
  • Operation and maintenance procedures for each home
  • An estimate on labor and material costs for any energy retrofits
  • Discussion about potential health/safety problems and how they can be eliminated
  • Advice on behavioral changes that will reduce energy waste
  • A written record of all recommendations

As part of a home energy audit, Performance Plus Homes can also perform Infra-red Thermal Scans and find additional areas of energy loss. Thermal Scans involve the use of the blower door and an Infra-red camera, so you can actually see areas of heat loss on the camera!

Want to learn more about home energy audits?

Read all about it on our Frequently-asked Questions page.

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We wanted to really make an effort to actually do all of the things that you recommended in your audit. We installed a new ground source heat pump, changed out many light fixtures, and put cellulose insulation in the attic. We still have several projects to do but our June 2009 bill was 300 kwh less than June 2008. (June 2009 had 8 days with temps well above 90 while June 2008 only had one 90+ day). We've only used 740 kwh for the month of July although it has been an exceptionally mild month. - C. Rice, Homeowner

Participating Programs

Energize MissouriNational Green Build Standard verifierBuilding Performance Institute - Certified ProfessionalEnergy Star Partnet

Performance Plus Homes participates in government and local utility energy programs. We advise our clients about programs that may benefit them when making energy-efficiency upgrades to their homes. Additionally, we are trained and certified (EnergyStar, RESNET, BPI and NAHB) to inspect and certify your home for national standards on energy efficiency.   Read More. >>