Sustainable Design and Green Construction

Sustainable Design is the key to future environmentally responsible buildings. Performance Plus Homes co-owner Bruce Chyka has completed the Masters Certification program in Sustainable Design from the Boston Architectural College. Our knowledge of Building Science coupled with material selection for sustainable homes provides a well rounded base from which you can design to meet client demands.

Boston Architectural College

We offer a range of services that

  • Early project guidance for goal setting and design compliance with green building standards like Energy Star, National Green Build Standard, and IECC
  • Work within the framework of integrative design to insure all project participants have a voice in optimizing the building's construction.
  • Technical Support for review of home siting, water management, framing plans, indoor air quality, landscaping as part of sustainable design, and certification compliance.
  • Energy Modeling that consists of defining load calculations for proper selection of right sized equipment and desing considerations according to ACCA practices.
  • Review of other potential certifications.
  • Research into Federal, State, County or Utility sustainable rebate programs.
  • Review of final plans before construction start

National Green Build Standard and Energy Star programs can be certified through us or one of our partners.

For all your Green Building needs – or a home energy audit – contact Performance Plus Homes today at 913-851-0732 and start saving energy and money!


Participating Programs

Energize MissouriNational Green Build Standard verifierBuilding Performance Institute - Certified ProfessionalEnergy Star Partnet

Performance Plus Homes participates in government and local utility energy programs. We advise our clients about programs that may benefit them when making energy-efficiency upgrades to their homes. Additionally, we are trained and certified (EnergyStar, RESNET, BPI and NAHB) to inspect and certify your home for national standards on energy efficiency.   Read More. >>